One moment you're philosophising, the next you're transitioning seamlessly to the latest news. Or whatever and whoever takes your fancy at that moment. If you get on well then every moment is special.

My name is BELLO and, well, I really am. But what really counts if you want to be successful with the ladies – you have to know how to make them laugh.


Handle hinge

Arrive relaxed. The delicately shaped handle hinge means that the handle moves smoothly and fluidly. And that means – no knocking on the edge of the basket as you ride. Brilliant!

On-trend design

Round is right on trend – whether on the way to the market or on a sunny ride through the countryside, the smart design marks you out as an individualist and trendsetter.

Ergonomic wooden handle

This handle not only feels good in your hands, but also looks great and makes bags a thing of the past: the pleasant carrying handle with genuine wooden grip ensures that BELLO is comfortable to carry.

Broad metal band

Caution – heavy load! They look like a design element and meet the highest demands of strength and stability: integrated reinforcements for increased load capacity.