Fairy tale style: It looks just like the basket in which little red riding-hood brought her granny some goodies, when in fact it's a true high-tech product. I am MANOLO - and I can even impress the wolf.

  • Stylish next generation basket
  • Weatherproof synthetic mesh
  • Now available in six great styles

Brown Fine

It’s a fine thing – not just the finely meshed structure, but also that nothing falls through to the road.

Fine Black

Black baskets are not uncommon, but a woven black basket is something you don’t see every day. No better way to make a fashion statement.


With a basket like this you’ll be looking like a dream and living the fairy tale.

Reed brown

Large bands are the perfect accessory for petite bicyclists:
in reed brown, you’ll be a big hit.

Reed Grey

Don’t worry about anything lurking in the reeds, this aerodynamic basket won’t slow you down.

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  Measurements (cm)     Volume (l)     Weight (g)     Color     Article no.  
  34x23x20     14     1150     black     0336SZ  
  34x23x20     14     1150     brown fine     0336BRF  
  34x23x20     14     1150     Fine Black     0336SF  
  34x23x20     14     1150     Brown     0336BR  
  34x23x20     14     1150     Reed brown     0336SBR  
  34x23x20     14     1150     Reed brown     0336SGR  
Comfortable Grip
Fine-mesh design
Adapter plate