Fine Brown

An exotic and svelte shape with a hint of Japanese aesthetic. I am your MATEO and I excite people who love to merge entire cultures into their style. And if provoked, I reveal my fastening claw.

  • Stylish next generation basket
  • Weatherproof synthetic mesh
  • Now available in six great styles


Your love for detail, that’s what’s important here: Embrace the elegance.

Fine Black

It looks like real rattan, and yet it will never soften or lose its lovely colour.


A colour that works with every outfit – and just about every bicycle.

Reed Brown

Turning imitation into art: irregularities in colour make the basket seem even more natural.

Reed Gray

At night, all baskets are grey. This one stands apart for being equally enchanting by day.

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  Measurements (cm)     Volume (l)     Weight (g)     Color     Article no.  
  40x30x18     16     1170     Fine Brown     0334BRF  
  40x30x18     16     1170     Fine Black     0334SF  
  40x30x18     16     1170     Brown     0334BR  
  40x30x18     16     1170     Black     0334SZ  
  40x30x18     16     1170     Reed Brown     0334SBR  
  40x30x18     16     1170     Reed Gray     0334SGR  
Comfortable Grip
Fastening Claw