Brown Fine

Size doesn't matter? Come on! I am MATTELO and I'm not talking about the usual clichés. It's all about the freedom to collect whatever comes your way and defines your personal style. Includiyng yours truly.

  •  Stylish next generation basket
  •  Weatherproof synthetic mesh
  •  Now available in six great styles

Fine Black

A fine home for treasured possessions.
Fold in your favourites wherever you go.


Elegantly woven like a good story:
that way you can practically write your own as you ride by.

Wide Black

The broad bands are unmatched in width and breadth, except by others who are also fans of the full-figured style.

Reed brown

Our entire experience, woven into one lovely basket.
That way your style knows no limits.

Reed Grey

Many grey cells worked hard to weave together this jewel. Wear it with pride!

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  Measurements (cm)     Volume (l)     Weight (g)     Color     Article no.  
  42x31x22     27     1860     Brown Fine     0337BRF  
  42x31x22     27     1860     Fine Black     0337SF  
  42x31x22     27     1860     Brown     0337BR  
  42x31x22     27     1860     Wide Black     0337SZ  
  42x31x22     27     1860     Reed brown     0337SBR  
  42x31x22     27     1860     Reed Grey     0337SGR  
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