It's getting warm outside, the days are longer - so am I, your MORINO. I know you want to look long and lithe wherever you ride and you want to follow your own bike path. But don't try to lose me, as I get attached rather quickly.

  • Long, slender design
  • Firmly installed
  • Weatherproof, fashionable synthetic bands

Fine Brown

When fine bands combine to create a coherent pattern, it works with any outfit.

Fine Black

There are certain basics everyone should have in their wardrobe.
This one tops the list.


Simply beautiful isn’t always simple. But this little black number is always a head turner!

Reed Brown

An accessory that complements both your fashion sense and active life.

Reed Gray

Some fashion accessories never go out of style or lose their appeal.
These classics are designed to stand the test of time.

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  Measurements (cm)     Volume (l)     Weight (g)     Color     Article no.  
  44x24x20     18     1200     Brown     0335BR  
  44x24x20     18     1200     Fine Brown     0335BRF  
  44x24x20     18     1200     Fine Black     0335SF  
  44x24x20     18     1200     Black     0335SZ  
  44x24x20     18     1200     Reed Brown     0336SBR  
  44x24x20     18     1200     Reed Gray     0335SGR  
Fastening Elements