Trendsetter. Rebel. Opinion leader. You are the hero and life is your stage. You know best what's good for you.

Have you ever thought about a personal assistant for your bike? One that's into sharp design, knows how to draw a clear line and explore the edge. 
I am your VALLETTO!


Modern Design

The smart diamond design of the Unix VALLETTO baskets is a true original and the trendsetter's choice.

Comfortable Handles

Leave your bags at home. The handles with high-quality hinges and soft grip coating ensure ultimate comfort when wearing.

Integrated Enforced Arches

They maximize resilience and meet the highest stability demands while blending in perfectly with the design.

Coated Mesh Web

Whether it be golfballs or vinyl records - whatever it is that you want to keep safe will ride with you in the fine-meshed Unix baskets - today, tomorrow and in years to come. The coated mesh web is extremely durable, waterproof and low-maintenance.