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Fastening elements

We make sure each Unix Basket has the right fastening element so that your luggage sits as securely in the saddle as you do and can "hop on and off" as quickly as you can.
If you want your Unix Basket to accompany you everywhere, on and off the bicycle, a basket with a fastening claw, hooks or the patented KLICKfix®️ attachment system is the right choice. With KLICKfix®️ TopKlip the basket can securely attach to your bike with just one click and can be removed again just as easily with the touch of a button.
If you want your Unix Basket to always remain firmly and securely attached to your bicycle, rain or shine, then the fixed mounting, KORBFIX III and baskets with a universal adapter plate are the way to go.

KLICKfix TopKlip

The KLICKfix TopKlip is a universal quick mount that enables baskets to be mounted quickly, easily and yet securely on a variety of carriers. Detaching is just as simple. No tools are required to adjust it for carrier widths from 90 to 160 mm and strut diameters from 10 to 16 mm. This way, TopKlip is compatible with virtually all bicycle carrier types.


KLICKfix Adapter plate

Fasten and release your basket within seconds. The adapter plate is discreetly located on your Unix front wheel basket. It clicks into the KLICKfix® handlebar adapter like it's made for each other - which it is! Small, thin and adjustable to two heights.


Korbfix III

The new universal mounting Korbfix III guarantees a rattle-free firm mounting on the bicycle carrier. It is ideal for E-Bikes where a vertical installation is impossible due to the position of the batteries.
The permanent mounting with Korbfix III can easily be detached and reattached as needed. The screw connection from above as well as side clamping make this process easy. 


Universal adapter plate

Compatible with all standard bicycle rack adapter systems such as iRack, Carrymore, Racktime, MIK and Artan.


Fastening claw

The universal fastening system for all common carriers! It is located at the buttom of the Unix rear wheel baskets. Just tug it underneath your carrier brace, then tighten the basket using the fastening claw. Done!


Firm installation

You want to your basket permanently attached to your bicycle? Some Unix rear wheel baskets are designed for firm attachment. The assembly kit to attach the basket firmly to your bicycle carrier is included in the package.



The quickest way to attach your Unix basket: Some basket designs include solid hooks to easily hang your basket on either side of your bicycle carrier.
Suitable for all common carrier types.