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Marito line

Watch the clouds pass by and the sunbeams reflect off the lake. Enjoy those precious moments of pure harmony.

Have faith that anything you leave in my care will be kept safe. I am your trusted MARITO.


Ergonomic grip

Extra comfort: your hands will never hurt again when carrying groceries and heavy supplies. The RAGAZZO grip is shaped to fit the curve of your hand.


Bracket joint

Smooth sailing, wait, cycling! The fine bracket joint ensures that the handle moves fluently and can be adjusted infinitely. Which also means no rattling when riding.



It looks like a natural product yet boasts the functionality of a synthetic mesh. Plus it’s weatherproof and easy to clean.


Bevel on the saddle side

Even if your saddle has a broad shape or spring elements, it’s easy to attach Unix rear wheel baskets. The bevel on the saddle side makes them suitable for virtually any bicycle.