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Felice line

Triathlon the easy way: first by riding your bicycle through nature, then taking the ferry to a scenic place and finally strolling through old town roads.

If you can't finish the giant pizza at the restaurant, you can have it wrapped up to take home with you. I am FELICE - and I promise not to steal a bite on the way!


Foldable handle

The Unix bicycle basket's foldable handlebar has been designed to be extra flexible: It can be turned 180 degrees in any direction. In addition, the foam covering is particularly non-slip and offers exceptional carrying comfort.


Bracket joint

You can relax! The integrated bracket joint allows the bracket to move smoothly and evenly.


Wire mesh

Both small and large items can be stored in our finely woven Unix baskets. The coated wire mesh is also weatherproof and easy to care for.

The distinctive frame also offers additional stability.


Bevel on the saddle side

Do you have a saddle with a wide shape or with suspension elements? The Unix rear wheel baskets with bevelled edges in the direction of travel fit almost every model.