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Amico line

Cuddly toys and delicious cookies. Small hands snatching balls. Tumbling feet. Red cheeks. The sound of laughter everywhere.

Happiness is a huge pile of colorful things. I am AMICO and I love to play. You can trust me to take care of all your fun stuff.



Foldable handle

Unix basket handles are super flexible and can be rotated 180° in every direction.


Handle hinge

The unique hinge design makes it easy to adjust the handle and holds it securely in place, which means no rattling when riding.


Mesh web

Unix baskets are perfect for both small and big items. The coated, fine-meshed web is weatherproof and easy to clean.


Bevel on the saddle side

Even if your saddle has a broad shape or spring elements, it’s easy to attach Unix rear wheel baskets. The bevel on the saddle side makes them suitable for virtually any bicycle.