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Compagno line

Laugh, learn, celebrate. Meet new people. Enjoy special moments. Revel in the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead.

As a student, it’s your time to enjoy life. Let me take some of the weight off your shoulders and stow what you need to have at hand. I am your COMPAGNO.


Bevel on the saddle side

Even if your saddle has a broad shape or spring elements, it’s easy to attach Unix rear wheel baskets. The bevel on the saddle side makes them suitable for virtually any bicycle.


Fastening claw

A universal fastening device suitable for most bicycles: The fastening claw is located on the bottom of the Unix rear wheel basket. Simply tug it underneath the brace of your bike, and then tighten the basket using the spring claw.


Integrated handle hinge

The hinge enables you to move the handle of your basket in every direction. When set at a 90° angle, the handle locks into position, making it convenient to use the basket for shopping.