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Ragazzo line

Enjoy a life without traffic jams. Take in loads of fresh air every day. Tone your muscles and increase your fitness level with every pedal - so many great reasons to commute by bicycle. Plus it’s eco-friendly.

I am proud of you for leaving the car at home and taking your bicycle! I am RAGAZZO and you can count on my support. I ride on your handle bar. Just leave your heavy bags to me.


Ergonomic grip

Extra comfort: your hands will never hurt again when carrying your groceries and heavy supplies. The RAGAZZO grip is shaped to fit the curve of your hand.


Bracket joint

Smooth riding: The fine bracket joint ensures that the handle moves fluently and can be adjusted infinitely. Which also means no rattling when riding.


Arched design

More stability: The elegant, arched design is not only attractive; it strengthens the sides of the basket.


Mesh web

The fine-meshed Unix baskets are the perfect place for both small and big items. The coated, easy-care mesh web is also weatherproof.